Wealth Management

Wealth Management


Achieving sustained growth through effective management.

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At Bickley Consulting we recognize the importance of protecting and cultivating assets.

Our track record in managing and creating wealth for our diverse client base puts us in a great position to manage your wealth and its allocation. We offer a range of services enabling clients to structure their assets to achieve sustained growth.

Our dedicated financial professionals analyze international markets and your existing financial commitments, portfolio structure and strategy, enabling Bickley Consulting to devise and implement a plan for the future direction of your wealth. We work together with our clients to identify international options to help them to get the most out of their wealth.

Our team works with analysts to assess the suitability of each option identified, taking individual client strategies into account, and deploy wealth accordingly. Strategic investments providing good diversification and risk protection ensure that wealth is both protected and grown.

Some clients may wish to place their wealth in foreign jurisdictions, with such distribution proving beneficial to their financial positions. Bickley Consulting offers a range of offshore private wealth management services to safeguard your assets and minimize tax exposure.